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Hello Teachers and Parents, I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. Often, we see students who are voracious readers— well above their grade level in comprehension and understanding. However, some of those same readers might not be great writers. Why? These higher functioning children don’t always focus on the way a book was written as much as what was written. Some tips for increasing writing: 1. Student talks, teacher writes 2. Students record themselves 3. Cooperative group critiques 4. Audio Transcribe Having a thesaurus available at all times is a must for children. Spend some time playing a game with vocabulary— have you and the kids think of as many similar words you can starting with a base word. For instance, gone–depart. leave, astray, absent,deceased, disappeared, done, dissolved, and on and on. This helps with writing skills, as well. Then look in a thesaurus to see what you missed.

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