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Team of Heroes


A Team of Heroes

A team of football players at Fenton High School became a team of heroes when they worked together to protect a middle school student from a dangerous stranger.

The football team was just starting their after-school practice when a younger kid came running toward them. The boy was alone and screamed for help. When an older man walked toward the football players and tried to get the kid to come with him, the boy ran behind one of the players and said, “Please don’t let him take me!” The team got between the boy and the stranger and assured the boy, “We won’t, buddy.”

The football players shouted at the man to leave and scared him off. Their brave teamwork didn’t stop there, though. One of the boys got a picture of the man’s car while another called 911. They were able to protect the boy and give the police all the information that they needed to catch the dangerous man.

Never Leave With a Stranger

say-no-to-strangersIt’s important to always be careful around strangers – especially when you are alone like the boy this happened to be.

Most people aren’t dangerous like the scary man in this story, but if someone you don’t know wants you to come with them, you should always say “no.” If they keep trying, then you should run away and shout for help like this boy did.

Also remember that it’s important to help other people in dangerous situations. The football team acted bravely and may have saved this boy’s life!

Stay safe, and ask for help when you need it!



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