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Hey, kids! In my last blog, I talked about kindness and how doing good things for other people makes you feel good too. Today, I want to take that idea a bit further and talk about some great ways that you can help other people – specifically people in your community.

Do you know what a community is? A community is any group of people with something in common. That can be a lot of things – people who live in the same city are part of a community. So are people who like to play baseball, or who like the same video game, or who speak the same language.

The interesting thing about communities is that we don’t always choose which ones we’re a part of. Often, we don’t even know all the people in our communities. Do you know every person who lives in your town or city? Do you know everyone at your school? Do you know everyone who plays your favorite sports or games? Probably not – but that’s okay! The great thing about communities is that they’re brought together by what they have in common, not their differences.

If you’re looking for a way to have fun helping other people, start by thinking of your communities. A lot of the same things that would make you happier will make them happier too. What’s something that would make your town a better place to live? What could you do to help your sports team? Maybe there’s a lot of trash in the park where you play soccer. By taking some time to clean up the park, you’ll enjoy using it more – and so will everyone else!

When just one person makes a positive change, everyone benefits. Just think of how much better your classroom, school, sports teams, gaming groups, and other communities would be if everyone took more time to help. By stepping up to serve your community, you can encourage other people to make a positive change!

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