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New Dr. Seuss

maxSo kids. Have you done some summer reading? I sure hope you have seeing that school is just around the corner. Check out the new Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get?. I grew up with Dr. Seuss, as we all did. I loved One Fish, Two Fish…, The Lorax, Hop on Pop, and others. Other great new picture books are Journey and the Book without Words.

Saving the Summer

Hi Kids.

It’s Maxwell. I ‘ve been incredibly busy this summer taking advantage of the good weather. I think my favorite outdoor activity this summer is swimming. I know that those days in Chicago are limited. Some of you in the southern states and western states are able to swim nearly all-year round. Remember to have adults around when you decide to take a swim, whether in a pool or in the shallow waters of the lake or ocean. Also, remember to check the signs at the beaches for open swim. There are times that they prevent people from using the waters if there is ocean-life or lake pollutants that are dangerous for us.
I also had a chance to take my bike out, play a few rounds of golf, and jog regularly. I love to stay active, always, but in the summer it makes it so much easier.

The 4th of July

Hi Kids.

I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July. Make sure that all your choices are healthy ones when celebrating with friends. Don’t let other kids sway you into doing something you know will lead to problems.
Did you take time to research more about our Independence Day?
Maxwell spent time watching fireworks with his family and playing a bit of golf. It’s always nice to take time to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice.
Remember to always have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. That means you always need to feel you are growing.

Staying Active this Summer

Hi Kids.

Maxwell was just out riding his bike. I do that every morning after breakfast. It is a great way to start my day. I know that I need activity every day in order to feel better and sleep better.
When you feel better and sleep better you are more productive. That means you tend to do better at home and in school.
Walking and jogging are great ways to stay fit and healthy. Visiting parks give you the opportunity to do all sorts of things. In addition, the summer weather is great for swimming. Your community has public pools that are monitored carefully. Have adults take you over for a swim several days a week. Bring a friend. What fun and exercise!

Make the Most of Your Summer

Hi Kids.
Maxwell took a bit of a break to travel with the family to Florida right when school was over. Now I’m busy making a list of 100 things I want to do this summer. I’ve already checked off 32 and am looking to make to 50 or more by the middle of the summer.
It’s fun to make the list and have your parents or guardians check it over. Most or you are busy with camp during the days, but think about all you could do in the evenings. Examples might be to draw a pictre of summer, read 30 more pages in your book, make popsicles, only to name a few.
Ask your friends to make lists , as well. You can combine your thoughts and do some of these things together.

100 Things I Want to Do This Summer

Hi Kids.

It’s Maxwell again. I know you’re anxious for school to be over, but in a few weeks, if you don’t have some planned activities, you might find yourself getting bored. Even if you do go to camp, there is always time for other things.
I love to make a list of 100 of my favorite things to do in the summer. I try to check off as many I can before the school year begins again. It’s also fun to make the list in alphabetical order.
For example, acknowledge a former friend by sending a nice note to he or she, aerobic activity every day, bury an artifact, color a picture, cut a great article out of a magazine, and on and on.
See how many you can accomplish in three months.

Maxwell is Reconnecting

Hi Kids.
Sorry for my absence. I have been happily visiting other schools where children are receiving my message.
A few weeks ago I visited Prairieview School in Grayslake, IL. What a wonderful afternoon! The kids sent me a special message of thanks along with a writing activity they completed. Their note appears on Maxwell’s Facebook page.
Last week I visited Oakwood School in Lemont. Lemont is a lovely town with an amazing school. The first graders were energetic and participatory, as they were at Prairieview, as well. I love when everyone gets the message Maxwell is trying to bring to the readers and embraces every moment of the book. Thanks a lot kids!

Earth Day

Hi kids. It’s Maxwell reminding you of Earth Day on April 22nd. Living literally, on the earth, I am constantly reminded about how to keep  our planet clean and environmentally safe. Check out all the information for Earth Day online and do something to contribute to keeping the planet green and clean.

Maxwell and Golf

Hi kids. I had a great weekend. Usually I am usually outdoors as this much improved Chicago weather begins to emerge or reading and absorbing all there is on the news. This past Thursday through Sunday, however, I was glued to the TV watching the Masters Golf Tournament. It is such a great game. I play it myself and love it. The discipline and challenges are like no other sport I’ve played. The winner, Jordan Spieth, is only 21 years old. He was the 2nd youngest to win the tournament next to Tiger Woods. I was so impressed with his confidence and sportsmanship. Hey! Those are 2 of the 9 Core Values for The First Tee. Check out their website. Maybe you would like to get involved with golf, too.

Star Wars Lovers

Hi Everyone.


Maxwell just heard about the launch of the Star Wars series in 3-D high definition. It hasn’t come out yet, but keep checking in April. There’s a new movie soon-to-be in the theaters, as well. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open for dates!

I also wanted to thank Mrs. Boll’s class, from Waters Edge Elementary School in Boca Raton, FL,  for their awesome letters. I can’t wait to read them.