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The Inspirational Story Of 9-Year-Old Ezra Frech

Kids in the Community

Hey, kids! In my last blog, I talked about kindness and how doing good things for other people makes you feel good too. Today, I want to take that idea a bit further and talk about some great ways that you can help other people – specifically people in your community.

Do you know what a community is? A community is any group of people with something in common. That can be a lot of things – people who live in the same city are part of a community. So are people who like to play baseball, or who like the same video game, or who speak the same language. Read more…

Kindness to Others Helps You Too!

Hey kids! I wanted to take some time today to talk with you about kindness.

I bet you already know what kindness is, and you’re probably a kind person yourself! But sometimes it’s good to have a reminder about just how important kindness is.

Did you know that when you do nice things for people, your brain actually makes chemicals called endorphins that make you feel happy? That means that the nice things you do for other people don’t just make them feel better – they make you feel better too! Even just watching other people do nice things for each other can make us feel happier. When we’re kind to one another, everyone feels happier. Read more…

Respecting Animals

Young boy hugging goatYour Furry Friends Have Feelings, Too!

Hey kids! Maxwell here with a topic that means a lot to me.

As a mouse, I think it’s really important that you know how to treat animals with respect. Many kids that I meet already know how to do that! They would rather pet me or feed me than try to hurt me.

Sometimes, though, kids can be mean to me for no reason. Have you ever had that happen to you? Doesn’t it feel bad when someone tries to hurt you, even though you haven’t done anything to make them mad or upset?

Read more…

Thomas Edison – The “not bright” Student with the Lightbulb

Thomas EdisonLights, Camera, Action!

Hey kids! Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the greatest inventors who’s ever lived: Thomas Edison. You may already know about some of his big inventions – our modern lightbulbs, video cameras, microphones, and speakers all come from things that he invented over 100 years ago!

Coming up with all these inventions wasn’t always easy for Thomas, but he had one skill that really set him apart: he was very inventive! That means that he was really creative, and able to solve problems in clever ways. As you learn about Thomas Edison, think about times when you’ve been inventive.

How Much Do You Know About Thomas Edison?

Only one of these statements about Thomas is true. Can you guess which one it is

a) One of Thomas Edison’s teachers called him “the brightest student” they had ever taught.

b) Thomas Edison almost always worked by himself.

c) After his first major invention, Thomas Edison never had a failed project.

d) Thomas Edison is credited with over 1,000 inventions. Read more…

George Washington – The Elementary Student Who Led the Nation

Portrait of George WashingtonHey kids!

Today we’re going to be talking about George Washington, the first president of the United States. You’ve probably learned about him in school, but can you figure out which one of these things is true?

a) George Washington chopped down a cherry tree when he was a kid.

b) George Washington only got an elementary school education.

c) George Washington wore wooden teeth.

d) George Washington once said, “I cannot tell a lie.” Read more…

Inside Out – Great Insight Into Our Emotions

Inside Out Picture on Magical Maxwell BlogHey kids! I just watched a great movie. Have you seen Inside Out yet? If not, you should talk to your parents about having a movie night!

Have you ever heard a story that helped you understand yourself better? That’s what Inside Out did for me. Read more…

Team of Heroes


A Team of Heroes

A team of football players at Fenton High School became a team of heroes when they worked together to protect a middle school student from a dangerous stranger.

The football team was just starting their after-school practice when a younger kid came running toward them. The boy was alone and screamed for help. When an older man walked toward the football players and tried to get the kid to come with him, the boy ran behind one of the players and said, “Please don’t let him take me!” The team got between the boy and the stranger and assured the boy, “We won’t, buddy.” Read more…

Chy’s Story – Being Bullied is Wrong


Do you know what it feels like to be bullied or made fun of? It hurts – especially when you get bullied for something about yourself that you can’t change!

Chy Johnson had to put up with a lot of bullies at her school. They made fun of her because she has a brain disorder that makes her seem different. Chy says the bullies called her names and even threw trash at her – yuck!

But a group of popular football players decided that they wanted to be Chy’s friends. It didn’t matter to them that she seemed different – aren’t we all different? It’s a good thing! That’s what Maxwell said, too. Read more…

Beginning the New School Year

Hi Kids.

I began the new school year Tuesday. I know to start out a good note, I need to make sure I’ve purchased all my school supplies. Next, I brought home all my first day handouts for me and my parents to read in order to make sure I had all my requirements met.

From here, I am going to set my first goal which is to stay organized and on top of my homework daily. It’s so much fun to check your class grades each week and see only good marks. If something slips by, I can take care of it immediately.