The Magic of Maxwell and his Tail by author Maureen Kanefield
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Hey Maxwell fans! Check out this cool new poem! BIG THANKS TO Storywraps and Marilyn Patton! Look, there’s Maxwell by his house. Who’s Maxwell? Why he’s a little mouse. What’s the problem? What is wrong? Oh my gosh….his tail’s too long!!! His friends at school all laugh and sneer, They tease and gawk when Maxwell’s near. Poor Max is feeling so forlorn, Rejected, sad … his heart is torn. Then one day a beam of light Shines down on Max and sets things right. His tail is magic, his tail’s unique, Max discovers he’s NOT a freak! Look out Max you tail’s a wonder, Creating magic without a blunder. Extraordinary Maxwell smart, His awesome tail’s a work of art! Maxwell’s tail is quite a sight, The things it does brings him delight. Max’s the envy of his school, His friends now think that Max is cool.

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