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Chy’s Story – Being Bullied is Wrong


Do you know what it feels like to be bullied or made fun of? It hurts – especially when you get bullied for something about yourself that you can’t change!

Chy Johnson had to put up with a lot of bullies at her school. They made fun of her because she has a brain disorder that makes her seem different. Chy says the bullies called her names and even threw trash at her – yuck!

But a group of popular football players decided that they wanted to be Chy’s friends. It didn’t matter to them that she seemed different – aren’t we all different? It’s a good thing! That’s what Maxwell said, too.


We are all different!

Now, Chy’s new friends eat lunch with her, hang out with her at school, and protect her from the mean bullies that used to pick on her. Chy says, “They saved me!”

And Chy isn’t the only one who’s happier now. The football players made a new friend too! One of her new friends said, “It feels good to know that we helped someone… Everything for us is going well, but someone else needs to feel good too.”

We can learn from both Chy and her new friends.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re being bullied!

If you’re getting bullied like Chy was, you should talk to a parent or an adult that you trust. Chy told her mom that she was having a hard time at school, and her mom helped her meet her awesome new friends on the football team!

If you see someone that looks lonely or is getting bullied, you should try talking to them and inviting them to hang out with you and your friends! You never know how much you might like someone until you get to know them – there’s a bit of magic in all of us!


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